Life Video

By Alyce Collins


This doting dad wanted to get a bit of tennis practice in with his young son, but despite his best efforts, his son refused to return a single ball.

Tennis coach at Tennis4Fitness, Timothy Fardon, 30, from Perth, Australia, would usually be coaching tennis 18 hours a week but he is currently unable to hit the courts.

However, Timothy is making do with his new tennis partner, his two-year-old son Aldric.

During a bit of practice in their garden, Aldric failed to return a single ball to his dad who continually hit them over to him.

Timothy insists that Aldric usually loves tennis and is even developing quite the swing, but at the time he really wasn’t feeling it.

Timothy said, “Aldric loves tennis, easily the word he says most each day.

“Aldric has started to swing quite strongly and connect with a few balls, but on this particular occasion he wasn’t in the mood and was happy being a statue.

“Normally we can’t keep him still for 10 seconds, let alone one minute.

“The biggest reposts were from the video on the official ATP tour Instagram and the tweet from Nick Kyrgios. Andy Murray said it was ‘brilliant’.

“I love being out on court and teaching juniors and adults to play tennis to the best of their ability.”