Amazing Offbeat Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


A creative sci-fi fan has spent the better part of two years crafting his own gigantic robot.

By day Joshua Nye, 27, inputs data, but in his free-time Joshua dedicates his life to building his own gigantic robot.

Spending well over a year in his backyard in Monkton, VT, Joshua has managed to craft a metallic structure that he is able to climb inside of and operate.

Looking like a piece of high tech armour from an Avatar or Alien movie, Joshua has lived out his sci-fi dreams.

Joshua said: “I’ve been interested in robotics since I was a small child, running around with a bucket on my head pretending to be a robot. It wasn’t until a few years ago my buckets started becoming more complex.

“After about a year and a half of experiments with PVC I made my first giant robot.

“Now my second, larger frame, nears completion, I call it “MARDUK” in reference to the Mesopotamian god”