Life Video Viral

By Dan Coles


While most people are crying out for their local pub to re-open, this man was so tired of waiting he decided to open his own in his GARDEN.

Matt Oakley, 31, from Leverstock Green, Herts, started building his pub in late 2019, and managed to get it finished just in time for lockdown earlier this year.

The savvy construction contract manager spent months creating the perfect little pub, hilariously naming it ‘The Stumble Inn’ and now spends his nights with his family having a pub quiz and watching live DJ sets on the pubs big screen

The pub is built to last, with under counter lighting, fridges full of an assortment of beers, ciders and wines, as well as spirits, a sound system, lighting system, measure pourers, TV, ice buckets ad even bar snacks – all together costing £3,500.

Matt said: “I have always wanted my own pub in the garden and  especially during lockdown, it’s a great way to feel as though I’m getting out of the house.

“It’s been a lifesaver, we have been able to go down there and listen to music, have drinks, and log into zoom to have virtual parties and quizzes with our friends.

“We found a DJ on Facebook who we has become friends with and who plays live sets so we can tune in and party together.

“We had a lock down party when it all kicked off with the ‘Disco Jackers’ who are a couple we found on Facebook from Blackburn who put on cheesy disco and themed music nights every Saturday – they take requests and chat with you in the comments.

“We have virtual sing-a-longs and play games of spot the intro using the pub tv and jukebox with our family and friends on zoom, even our neighbours even get involved.

“it has cost about £3,500 altogether, I have used mostly leftover materials from building sites, the bottle tops on the bar and beer mats on the walls came from eBay and Facebook marketplace.

“We bought the shed but built it ourselves, then got speakers, a TV, fridges, glasses, lights, decorations, and the mats and pourers.

“We currently have Hop House, Stella and Carlsberg in our beer selection, as well as a couple of controversial cases of corona.

“We have optics with Tanqueray, Gordons and Smirnoff, some back-shelf whiskeys and Baileys.

“The wife has a supply of Sauvignon Blanc of course, we all have an amazing time here, it’s gives us somewhere to go and spend time together during this weird time in the world.”

Matt started constructing the pub in late 2019 and made sure it was finished in time for lockdown, adding the final touches last month.

He said: “It was great fun even before lockdown, I remember we had about 22 of us in there just partying on the weekend.

“Once the virus started taking over the world, I finished the it off, I had been collecting beer matts from all different places in the world, including once from the 90s and before.

“I didn’t quite manage to get them all but enough to fill the wall for the most part.”

Throughout the lockdown he has made friends with people all across the UK who put on quiz nights, live DJ sets and themed music nights.

He has formed a lock-down partnership with a couple of DJ’s called the ‘Disco Jackers’ who play live sets which they tune into on the weekend for parties which they invite people in through Zoom and all drink together.

Jack said: “We have agreed that once this is all over they are going to come down and set up their whole rig and have a big party in our garden.”

The pub itself has been open since the start of the year and is now used every weekend as a local pub for the family.

Jack said: “We’re so happy it was finished in time, I mean it’s a laugh to look at but once you go inside there’s so much in there to do and we wouldn’t be getting through this lock down as well without it.

“The street has really come together since all this madness has been going on, our street normally shuts down one day a year for a big party in may, but we won’t be able to do this now for obvious reasons – we could perhaps do it on Zoom though.”