Animals Video

By Jack Mobley/Aliki Kraterou


A smart kitten has found the perfect way to get food – by leading strangers to the cat food section at the supermarket.

Tania Lizbeth Santos Coy Tovar, 33, a primary school teacher, spotted the stray cat last month at her local supermarket in Piedras Negras, Mexico and filmed the video.

Tania decided to keep the cat and named him ‘Conejo’, meaning ‘rabbit’ because he has no tail.

Conejo can be seen, not only leading her to the cat food section but also choosing the brand he likes.

Tania said: “I saw the cat and it got my attention what he was doing with the people on the street and the managers of the shop.

“I thought it was a joke or that someone trained it to do that but after I realised it was a stray cat.

“What surprised me was its way to empathise with people, its way to try and get what he wanted, his way to survive shows how he is really, a very intelligent cat.

“He followed me home and as he stayed there I took him home.

“Since then, every time we go to the shop, he takes me to the cat food stall, it’s very weird”

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