Life Video

By Jessica Testa


This cheeky two-year-old boy’s mum was not impressed when she saw that her son had drawn on the wall in the study of their newly renovated home in Bristol.

Primary school teacher Roslyn McGowan, 35, asks her son George to apologise, but instead he ends up blowing a raspberry at her.

Roslyn said: “He drew on the wall because I was home-schooling my other two sons because of Covid-19 and he wanted to do ‘big boy writing’ like them!”

Although she was angry with him, it was hard to stay mad after George told his mum that he had drawn a picture of their family and written out their names because he loves them.

Afterwards, George did end up saying sorry to Roslyn and gave her a big hug.

However, Roslyn says that blowing raspberry has become his new thing when getting into trouble.

“When he blew the raspberry every part of me wanted to burst out laughing. I had to look away to regain composure.

“Unfortunately this is not the first time, he has drawn on walls in pencil before, but this is the first time he’s ever got his hands on a permanent marker!”

“The drawing would not come off so at the moment it’s still there. My husband will paint over it eventually but he’s a man so I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon!”