Life Video

By Neo Bye


A person dressed as a panda strutted their stuff from their New York balcony in order to entertain their neighbours during quarantine.

David Ponte, 37, spotted an unusual and unexpected sight in his home of New York on April 13th.

As during lockdown, David spotted a neighbour dressed as a giant panda, dancing on their balcony.

David said: “I do not know the “Balcony Panda” personally. They have gone out on the balcony and danced multiple times.

“Our first reaction was that the panda is in inspiration to us all and that he/she dances as a way to thank the first responders and the essential workers that put their life on the line to support us during the pandemic.

“All the other people on the balconies and on the street appreciate and cheer on the “Balcony Panda.”