Animals Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto


An adorable viral video shows a dog making worried expressions as his owner pretended to be coughing.

Pooch Blade, five, from the US, was filmed pulling increasingly concerned faces as his owner Kelsey Vinson faked a coughing fit, on April 10.

Kelsey works in a hospital and was able to make the video extra funny by dressing up Blade with gown, gloves and a surgical mask.

The video was then posted online where it quickly went viral with over 800,000 views.

Kelsey said: “I saw a couple of videos online about people being scared when others coughed around them because of the virus.

“I know my dog is super tolerant, so I thought we’d make a video showing him being cautious of the coughing.

“Since I work in a hospital, I already have clothing, masks and gloves that could make it really funny.”