Life Video

By Federico Cornetto


A heartwarming video shows dozens of New Yorkers gathering in the streets to applaud health care workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photographer Peter Gerber captured the touching scenes taking place outside hospitals in New York City, as pedestrians, policemen and firefighters congregated to pay tribute to doctors and nurses.

The moments were captured on April 12 at Mount Sinai hospital and on April 14 at Lenox Hill Hospital, both located in Manhattan.

People stood in lines and clapped as health care workers stepped outside hospitals to take a break from their demanding job.

Peter said: “This goes on every day in New York at around 7PM, to show appreciation for health care workers.

“One of the crowds in the video was probably several dozens, which is quite a lot considering there are so few people in the streets.

“This was actually at a hospital so the turnout was a little larger, but most often people just applaud or make noise from their apartments.”