Amazing Video

By Lucy Harvey


The amazing 360 footage shows a skilled kitesurfer performing tricks and backrolls, in the beautiful blue waters of Philippines.

Pierre-Laurent Pablo (known as Pierlo) 36, from Nimes, France, filmed the amazing footage last week, in an island of North Palawan, where he is staying with his family.

Pierlo is using a 16 sqm Voodoo kite from Hyde Kites to show back rolls, tail grabs, and indy grabs, while the 360 edit makes it look even more impressive.

Pierlo said: “First with all what happened around the world right now I feel more than privileged, being able to ride whenever the conditions are good.

“Here in the island, home is 30m from the beach – while taking breakfast we can see the white caps starting to show up, just have to pump the kite and jump into the water.

“On the board I just feel free. I free my mind and enjoy the present moment.

“What I love in the footage is the third person view.”