Animals Video

By Lucy Harvey


A funny lamb looks like she thinks she is a dog and spends most of her day with her two canine best friends.

Her owner Matthew Print, 49, from Daventry, Northamptonshire got  Berry after she was rejected by her mother and is now a member of the family.

Berry, who is almost a month old,  decided the family’s  boxer named Fudge  and Nuggy the Mini Dachshund would be her sisters so she spends all day playing and sleeping with them.

Matthew said: “Berry was one of twins but it was obvious her mother had rejected her probably due to a lack of milk and she’d decided to concentrate on her brother Creme egg-after trying everything possible we realised she wouldn’t survive the night so we took her home with us.

“Berry soon decided that Fudge the boxer and Nuggy the Mini Dachshund were her adopted sisters, she now spends most of her days lounging with the dogs on the gazebo sofa then switching to the lounge in the evenings, she has a funny five minutes with Nuggy where they chase each other around but mostly sleeps.

“She’s become quite a celebrity with the kids in our street who wave and shout to her out of their windows as we load her into the car which is a treat for them during this lockdown and they’re waiting to see her leave and return.

“We take her down the field with us every day where she’s met her dad and her aunts but she prefers the company of us and the dogs now but does like chasing the chickens, I’ve made her a pen in the garage where she sleeps at night till she’s old enough to go back down the field as a pet.”