Animals Video

By Jessica Testa


A heroic Australian man helped a snake escape certain death after it had caught a poisonous toad for its next meal.

Musician and actor Nathan Kaye, 46, spent five minutes trying to pry the toad away from the hungry snake, who was not impressed that he was taking its food away.

Nathan said: “It certainly reared up to have a snap because it didn’t like me stealing it’s food. It’s not poisonous, so I wasn’t worried about that, but it can still cause a bit of pain so I was being cautious.”

Nathan calls the snake their “resident python” as it has been hanging around their New South Wales home for eight years.

He said, “The snake seemed drowsy, probably due to ingesting some toxins as well as the energy exerted in the attempt to kill the cane toad, but recovered okay.”

Although he had saved the snake with minimal injuries that time, Nathan said that unfortunately the snake died about one month later from doing the same thing.

“It took around five minutes once I started to pry it out, but it had been in the snake’s grip for over an hour.”

“Cane Toads are extremely dangerous to native fauna, especially huge ones like this and they multiply so quickly, so I had to kill it.”