Animals Video

By Mikey Jones


These candid shots show man’s best friend as you’ve never seen him before.

Dog photographer Cat Race, 34, has travelled all over the world snapping pooches in locations as far flung as the far east and the United States.

This hilarious gallery which highlights some of Cat’s work showcases a curious looking chihuahua, German shepherd, beagle and even a cocker spaniel.

Cat, from Preston, Lancs, said: “These photos were taken all over the globe.

“They were shot over the course of the last few years for various private commissions.

“I feel so lucky to have a job that takes me to so many interesting places and even more lucky that the subjects I am there to photograph are our delightful  canine companions.

“I feel blessed to have the best job in the world.”

Each portrait was taken in a different location throughout the globe.

Cat said despite the countless world landmarks she’s snapped dogs at, one photo out of all others for her is her favourite.

She said: “The photograph of the little Chihuahua on the Amsterdam canal boat is my little dog Poppy.

“It was one of the most challenging photographs I’ve created because the boat was actually moving down the canal as I was shooting, meaning I had to be constantly vigilant.”

Cat added that she’s developed a tried and tested formula to keep her canine charges attentive when she’s photographing them.

She said: “One of the best ways to get a dog on side is to have a plethora of different treats at hand for them.

“I usually have a bag of treats with me and ask my client to bring a high-value treats that their dog really likes so once I get bored of my treats I can move on to theirs.