Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


Popular YouTuber, Dan Mace, bravely detailed his battle after testing positive for the coronavirus.

Dan Mace has amassed a giant following on his YouTube channel by posting quirky pranks and musical-based videos.

However, recently Dan posted a far more serious video.

Bravely stepping in front of his camera, Dan announced to his fans that he had been battling the coronavirus for the past few weeks since his diagnosis on March 21st, the day he was due to be married.

Isolating from his home in Cape Town, SA, Dan said:  “I had a loss of taste and smell, residual cough and circumstances in which I was a high risk.

“I was given a testing application form from a doctor and I took it to a pathology centre. They then stuck a long q-tip down my throat and up both nostrils for a swab.

“I was scared and worried about the people I had been in contact with.”

Due to Dan contracting the virus, he had to postpone his wedding to fiancée Gabi, but thankfully for the pair, Dan has beaten the virus.

Dan said: “I am over it now!

“The video was purely to set my story straight. To let people know my movements and my journey with COVID from my side.”