Animals Video

By Robert Firth


A pooch and a calf have formed an adorable unlikely friendship while living side by side on a farm.

Five-month-old Angus bull Benny and eight-month-old Great Pyrenees herding dog Millie started showing an unusual level of affection for each other a few weeks after Tiffany Arthurs, 21, introduced them at her farm, Pleasant Valley Ranch, in Summerville, Canada, in December.

Despite not liking each other upon first meeting, the little and large duo are now inseparable and spend all day playing and grooming each other, with Benny even sleeping in Millie’s bed and incredible video footage showing the mutt stroking her bovine companion.

Tiffany, who runs the farm with boyfriend Evan Matheson, 21, has been left dumbfounded by the pair’s fury friendship and is now hoping they remain friends once Benny grows to full size.

She said: “One day a few weeks after I had introduced them, I went outside and noticed Millie ran straight over to Benny and they started playing.

“It was funny because when I got Benny in December 2019, Millie didn’t like him – she’s a herd protector and it takes a while for her to accept new animals.

“Now Millie loves to paw, stroke and lick Benny. It’s like she’s grooming him and taking care of him.

“They’re inseparable and they hang out all day together, chasing each other.

“Benny likes to sleep in Millie’s dog bed in the barn.

“Millie has a very playful personality so I didn’t think she would click with a bull, but it’s amazing to see them interact.

“I didn’t expect them to be this close at all and it was so weird at first to see them together – I had never heard of a dog and cow being best friends before.

“The first time I saw them grooming each other, I was like ‘oh my god’.”

When Millie isn’t chasing Benny around Tiffany and Evan’s 60-acre farm, she is responsible for protecting the horses the couple own and other animals on their farm.

Benny is being kept as a pet and is currently spending nights in a barn, but once fully grown he will be put outside with the rest of the animals.

He weighs 28st 5lbs and is 3ft tall, but once full size can expect to weigh more than 141 stone and reach 4ft5ins in height, towering over Millie who when fully grown will weigh 16 times less than Benny at 8st 6lbs and 2ft5ins in height.

But despite their considerable difference in size, which will continue to increase as they grow up, Tiffany thinks the fury friends’ bond will remain.

She said: “When they’re outside they’ll run around the whole property.

“It kind of scared me at first because Millie was leading Benny to places that he hadn’t been before but when Millie came back to the house, Benny followed her.

“As they get bigger she might not be able to paw him on the head anymore, but they will still cuddle I’m sure.

“Millie is around big, huge horses all day long, so she’s not scared of big animals.

“They’ll stay best friends – I hope so anyway.

“When I caught them grooming each other on video to send to my friends, they all said it was very cute and people on Facebook thought the same when I posted about it on there.

“It was nice to see my post could lift people up.

“It’s cute and positive during this time of quarantine when things are hard for many people.”