Life Video

By Alyce Collins

Eve Yeo, 3, and Diana Bradney, 73, got together and played a fun game through the window, adhering to self-isolation rules.

Mum, Nicole Smith watched on as the pair finished a game of noughts and crosses while Eve stayed indoors in Canberra, Australia on April 3.

The two find joy in playing the simple game, whilst staying separated, with Nana taking home the win.

Nicole said: “My Mum and daughter are playing a game of Tic Tac Toe on our window during Covid restrictions.

“My mum was in the neighbourhood so we used the opportunity to connect during lockdown restrictions.

“Social isolation has a huge impact on our elderly community during this time and I was trying to highlight the benefits of social connection and intergeneration bonds with a little outside the box thinking – hence why I set up the game on our window.

“I just loved seeing the love and laughter of both generations coming together during this difficult time, it had been a while between visits due to Covid restrictions and it made everyone’s day.”