Life Offbeat Video Viral

By Dan Coles


A family who had to cancel their £3000 Greek holiday because of Coronavirus refused to miss out on their sunny getaway – and turned their living room into a Greek island.

Vita Matuseviciute, 37, hubby Paul, 43, and daughter Urte, eight, were scheduled to hop on a plane to their dream holiday in Greece earlier this week but their flights were cancelled because of the corona virus.

Refusing to be defeated, Urte asked Vita, a bar manager, from Tewksbury, Gloucestershire, if they could instead have their holiday at home, so they started putting together an improvised beach.

In the hilarious images, taken by Vita and Paul, an engineer, Urte can be seen sunning off in the ‘sea’ whilst lounging on a lilo, ‘surfing’ and even ‘making sandcastles’ in what is sure to be a holiday to remember.

The ‘holiday resort’ was made from things laying around the house and toys they had prepared to go away with, blankets and quilts were used to make a pretend beach, a blow up flamingo floaty acted as Urte’s lounger, shells covered the floor and they even had surfing on the TV which she watched whilst standing on a bodyboard.

Vita said: “We were so excited to fly off to Greece, we really went all out this time and was excited to enjoy everything we had included in the trip.

“When we got the news that it was cancelled, we were really sad about it and as it got closer and closer we just kept thinking about how we should be packing to leave.

“Urter said we should stop feeling down about it and have a fun time at home, so she suggested we try to have our holiday here in England.

“We had so much fun, it was quite sunny that day too which made it feel even more like a trip away, she spent the whole day in that flamingo floaty.

“I think kids are great in times like this because they remain positive no matter what, she really lifts me when things are getting tough.

“Urter is really creative so we just used things from the house, quilts, blankets and the toys we had prepared for our holiday was all we needed.

“We watched movies all day and didn’t think about Greece once, it was perfect”

The family were about to go to Crete, in Greece, and had spent a huge £3,000 on a full board, all inclusive, 10-day holiday.

Unfortunately, it was cancelled last month due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, where all international travel has stopped.

She said: “We paid for it a while ago and the idea of not being able to go was awful, but I suppose we’re all making sacrifices while this pandemic passes by.

“Luckily I think we’re able to get a refund or a credit voucher to book a holiday once all of this is over.”

They decided to have the stay-at-home holiday rather than mope around the house sad about not being able to go away.

Vita said: “It was just what we needed, obviously it’s not quite the same as a huge holiday abroad in the sun but we made the best of the situation we were in and we’re healthy, which at this time is all we can ask for.

“I’m sure we’ll get to have our holiday next year.”