Life Video

By Federico Cornetto


A bored teenager was filmed running on a rooftop and jumping on top of dormer windows during quarantine.

On April 9, David Kinzo, 18, was getting bored of being locked in his house and decided to spice things up by running on the rooftop of his building in Aldershot, England.

David sprinted across the roof and on top of some dormer windows, getting dangerously close to the building’s edge.

However, the teenager says he has been practicing parkour and free running for three years, and because of that the danger was minimal.

David said: “These actions could be seen as reckless or stupid, but there are many hours of training done on ground level before anything is taken to height.

“When it comes to any situation that could result in serious injury, there are many precautions and steps taken before.

“The mental game behind this is that if a jump can be done at ground level consistently, there is no reason it couldn’t be done consistently at more extreme heights.”