Offbeat Video

By Jess Grieveson-Smith


An underwater videographer has found a way to cure her sea blues – by scuba diving in her ‘virtual ocean’ bathtub.

Whilst Sheilagh Adam, 27, may be playing make believe, she has actually incorporated augmented reality into her daily dive sessions – introducing a Great White Shark and a Green Sea Turtle to her bathtub, amongst many others sea creatures.

In these hilarious clips, she can be seen keeping her diving skills sharp, as she dons everything from her oxygen tank to regulator – to splash about in the tub.

Yet the real magic comes into play as she snaps images of her gazing in wonder at the virtual sea creature next to her – creating the image of her actually diving.

Sheilagh hasn’t stopped there during lockdown but instead could also be found in a puddle in her back garden as well as a nearby stream.

Sheilagh said, “I love the marine life – particularly nudibranchs, huge schools of fish and manatees!

“So getting to see all these incredible creatures up close is always exciting, especially since getting into photography.

“I’m currently in Scotland, and was supposed to be flying to Bali in March – but due to lockdown, I’m staying put for a while.

“I know it’s so important to stay home and want others to do the same – but I love the feeling of diving – being weightless underwater, hearing nothing but bubbles and fish – it’s very relaxing.

“Yet now, I actually haven’t been diving since November, and was missing it really badly especially as most of my friends are divers and are posting videos and pictures of it everyday.

“Despite this, I know I’m super lucky to have not boarded that flight to Bali in the midst of this pandemic, and so I created the images and videos to show people – with a bit of creativity, you can still have fun and enjoy your favourite things at home!”