Life Video

By Alyce Collins


As the nation applauds the NHS every Thursday evening, these siblings opted instead to show their gratitude through music.

Regional sales manager Karen Mcwilliam from Armadale, Scotland was incredibly proud watching her son Ross, 15, and daughter Lauren, 13, play the bagpipes and drums in the road.

Ross has been playing the bagpipes since he was just six years old, and younger sister Lauren has played the drums for four years now.

As a duo, they played the tune of Scotland The Brave to their neighbours along the street who all came out to applaud the NHS and key workers.

Karen admits that hearing her children play is a very emotional thing but the community spirit it has brought is a wonderful sign during this difficult period.

“When I hear my children play they make me extremely proud and also very proud to be Scottish,” Karen said.

“It’s been a noisy house as they grew up learning, but hearing them play in the street was very emotional as it was for very different reasons.

“Having the kids play brought the neighbours to their doors and windows to listen and cheer on and showed a sense of community spirit as we are all in this together.

“They plan on doing this every Thursday going forward until this dreadful time passes.”