Animals Video

By Dan Coles


A fussy pet skunk’s dietary requirements are causing concerns for her owners because she is now addicted to ranch salad dressing, going through a couple of bottles a week.

Bar manager and skunk owner, Rayna Funari, 38, from New Jersey, US, purchased the domesticated skunk after her trucking company business owner hubby JoJo, 39 couldn’t decide on a puppy to adopt.

Stella, a four-year-old skunk settled right in, and after trying ranch dressing on his salad when he arrived has swiftly become a ranch addict and has feasted on it ever since, opting to only lick up the dressing from her plate – ignoring the real food.

The hilarious skunk is an omnivore and Rayna says she will eat anything but recently has noticed that when she lays out Stella’s usual breakfast of soft and crispy bacon, as well as scrambled eggs, she won’t touch any of it because she instead fills up on the popular salad dressing.

Rayna, a mother-of-two, said: “As a baby she would have to eat five times a day, so we were always trying to be creative with her food because she was so fussy.

“I brought back a grilled chicken salad from work but never finished it, so I brought it home and gave it to Stella, which is where the addiction started.

“Now it’s all she’ll eat, I can hold a bottle next to her and she’ll grab onto it like baby does with a bottle of milk.

“She still eats other things of course, but no matter what I put out, she waits for the dressing to be on the plate so she can eat that first.

“She even licks the dressing off of the real food I put it on for her, I can make her an entire salad and she’ll spend an hour licking up as much dressing as she can and then ignores the rest.

“We tried other salad dressings and she doesn’t want any part of them, she just loves ranch.

“Because she’s such a fussy eater it was hard to find things that she liked and some things she just outright won’t go near.

“She likes broccoli heads but hates the stems so if I cover a broccoli stems in ranch dressing, she laps them down.

“It’s quite weird but it gives her character and she’s got such a happy nature so if that’s what she likes then we don’t have any issue with it, because like any food, she’s ok to have it in moderation.

“She does eat things without it but only things she really likes.

Rayna adopted Stella four years ago after JoJo, her husband, couldn’t decide on the breed of the dog he wanted.

Rayna said: “After we couldn’t decide on a dog, I told him I was going to adopt a skunk and he laughed it off almost daring me too.

“30 minutes later I called him and said we have one on the way, he couldn’t believe it.”

Stella is now a fully-fledged member of the family and even runs out of her pen whenever JoJo comes home from work to greet him.

“We didn’t expect her to be such a big part of the family, but she really is, we all love her a lot.

“Skunks make great pets, but you have to get their stinker removed.

“When she gets annoyed, she pokes her bottom up to squirt us but nothing comes out, it’s really funny.

“We certainly didn’t expect her to become dependent on ranch dressing but as addictions go it’s not the worst.”