Life Video

By Jessica Testa


Found at the scene of the crime, this cheeky toddler was questioned by her mother after she saw toilet paper spread out all over their guest bathroom floor in their Utah home.

Teacher and business owner Becky Bennion, 33, pulled out a camera when she discovered the mess 18-month-old Millie had left and laughed when the little girl reacted with pure denial.

She said: “She must’ve gotten into the roll that was hanging in the bathroom. The fact that she was holding her water and a golf ball was just so random, but also showed me she thought it was no big deal that she was destroying our toilet paper.”

The toilet paper didn’t go to waste though as Becky quickly rerolled the toilet paper when cleaning up Millie’s mess.

“Toilet paper is like gold these days!”

“I was laughing but also it’s my job to clean up after her 24-7. She does this with everything.”

“Millie is my third child and she is by far my most mischievous. I wonder if it’s a third child thing because I was a third child too.”