Animals Video

By William Lailey


Hilarious dog plays DEAD to avoid going home after walking with his owner… but she can see right through his act.

Two-year-old Blue has not been enjoying his lack of daily exercise during the lockdown with his owner, Cady McNerney, 28, and has decided to throw a tantrum by playing dead in the middle of their walks when the pair are due to start heading home.

The mischievous pup, from Austin, Texas, has been pretending to be dead since he was a puppy, much to the amusement of his owner.

Cady, a marketing manager, believes her pup’s ‘temper tantrums’ are becoming more frequent since the lockdown means he can’t be outside as often as he would like to be.

Blue was born blind and regularly goes to doggy daycare, but since the lockdown he hasn’t been able to see his furry friends.

Cady posted the video of her pooch playing dead on social media to make people laugh, which it definitely did after being shared worldwide.

She said: “Since he was a puppy, he has protested going home by throwing his body on the ground and playing dead. Since we’ve been in quarantine, these ‘temper tantrums’ have become more frequent, he doesn’t like quarantine.

“He has severe FOMO (fear of missing out), if he’s home and inside he might miss out on his friends walking by or some pets from strangers.

“He loves going for walks, it’s the coming home part he dislikes.

“Even though he’s blind, he has tried to runaway when I’ve dropped his lead, like when I’m getting the mail or throwing away his poop bag.

“He always ends up at the neighbourhood dog park. He has memorised how to get there by himself.

“He’s a goofy guy that hasn’t met a person or pup he didn’t like.”