Life Video

By Lucy Notarantonio


An artist has tackled isolation boredom by using cat food to paint a portrait of the infamous Joe Exotic.

After watching the Tiger King on Netflix, Nathan Wyburn, 30, was inspired to paint a masterpiece of the bizarre big cat lover Joe Exotic.

He spent two hours ‘painting’ Joe Exotic using the gravy from four pouches of cat food to substitute paint and the meat chunks to add texture to the portrait.

Nathan from Cardiff, Wales, shared the image on social media earlier this month [April 6].

He said: “I absolutely loved the documentary and I found Joe Exotic mesmerising and fascinating – he is like a made up character but in real life!

“These people make great Inspiration for art.

“I have created art with food such as chocolate and spaghetti before but never cat food.

“It seemed fitting and I like a new challenge – I used the gravy as paint and then added the chunks of meat around to add the final details and texture.

“It took two hours to create and thankfully, the smell wasn’t too bad – I think I chose an expensive good brand but I can imagine the cheaper canned stuff would’ve been horrendous.

“Art with coffee and chocolate defiantly smells much better.”

It isn’t the first time Nathan has swapped paints and pencils for food to create bespoke portraits.

He has previously used spaghetti, smarties, bake beans amongst many more to create celebrity portraits.

He said: “The response online has been brilliant!

“There has been occasions where I have been lucky enough to meet those who I have painted but I doubt this will be the case with Joe Exotic as he is in prison!

“But I had a lot of fun creating it and so did next doors cat who had the remaining bits of meat.”