Offbeat Video

By Ellie Duncombe


This family are getting musical by using household items to create a catchy number.

The Pastukhov family, Tom with wife and son Olga ten-month-old Martin have been stuck at home in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

On April 8 they posted the impressive tune as professional spoons player, Tom and his wife, Olga used a plethora of household objects.

Bottles were filled with different volumes do depict different notes while left over pipes and tubes provide a base filled melody.

Finally the entire family dance along to the the electronic-inspired beat as Martin throws around the kitchen utensils.

Tom said: “Now during the self-isolation period we have a lot of free time and we started to shoot this video.

“We are satisfied with the result and our subscribers really liked it so we will continue to shoot similar videos.