Animals Video

By Lucy Harvey


A paramedic student wanted to send her own message about coronavirus and created a hilarious – yet informative-video, starring her seven dogs.

Kaylee Garrick, 30, started filming her Shetland sheepdogs,at her home in Scalloway Shetland Islands, in a bid to send a message and inform people on how to protect themselves during isolation.

In the video Kaylee can be seen in the role of a teacher ‘homeschooling’ her dogs, focusing on educating them about Covid-19.

Initially Kaylee started organising photoshoots of her pooches and sharing the photos online -she  soon became viral and received hundreds of messages from people all over the world.

And she has been asked to attend her work in the frontline, knowing her dogs always bring joy to the world, she decided to create a fun, educational video.

Kaylee said: “The decision was made that our skills were desperately needed on the road and not in the classroom. I was suddenly rushed to Aberdeen, on the boat back to Shetland and into an ambulance with my crew.

“ Life on the front line is undoubtedly different – you’re constantly aware and reminded of the lingering threat of the virus and its effects on the people you’re taking care of. Your heart freezes a bit every time you see the confirmed figures for the islands.

“ Walking the gang has been interesting as normally they’re allowed to run over a beach for exercise but with the lockdown, we can’t drive to one at the moment.

“So, me and my husband have been taking all 7 out on the lead for a circle around the village which has been causing a lot of hilarity for the locals.

“To be honest, it reminded me just how much joy the dogs seem to bring with them wherever they go.

“ With this in mind – and the fact I’d been absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of false information circulating around about the virus – I decided to make a ‘Covid information’ video.

“ We centred it around the whole idea of home schooling with the dogs paying close attention to me showing them how the virus affects the body.

“My art skills are not the best to say the least… but I’ve had some great comments from people saying that this was the first video they’d seen where someone had plainly spelled out just how the virus attacks the lungs and why it’s so bad.

“This was something that was important for me – I didn’t just want to say to people ‘stay at home’, I wanted to show people why they were staying at home.

“On top of that, I wanted the message to stick and of course, the best way to do that was with a bit of humour and the help of some  furry friends.

I’m sure someone will be far more interested in watching Fenton wash her paws than listening to a boring lecture.

“I had such a great response from the first video, that I decided to do another one – just a funny one to give people a laugh, which is very much needed in times like these.

“For me, it was such a good way to occupy my time at home where I would normally be making photos – the dogs were getting their much needed mental stimulation and praise; I felt I was doing my bit by helping the public and my colleges in the NHS giggle; and of course  it was helping me smile – I laughed a lot making this.”