Life Video Viral

By Aliki Kraterou


A talented family decided to turn their balcony into a stage – and put on a theatre-quality performance for their neighbours every night during lockdown.

The Montero family have been in isolation for more than 20 days and in an attempt to entertain their neighbours in the Maldonado area, Torrevieja, Spain, have been imitating Freddie Mercury, Abba, John Travolta , even Jasmine and Aladdin.

Adrian, 19,  who works as a dj is in charge of the music while his sister Euridice, and his parents Toni and Antonio all perform in full costume.

Adrian said: “It all started when we all started going outside in the balcony and clapped for all the medics and emergency services.

“We noticed that everyone was a bit down so we decided to put some music on- a few days later my mum had the idea of dressing up because she has loads of costumes from the Carnivals.

“Since then we started doing it every Friday and people have been more than supportive.

“Our neighbours are very happy, and we are happy to put a smile on people’s faces.

“We do it just to pass the time and do something fun for our neighbours.”