Animals Video

By Neo Bye


This senior cat has developed asthma as he’s aged and recently required an inhaler to help his breathing, but he’s not very keen on using it.

In December 2019, Jeffrey Guttierrez, 28, from the Bronx, New York, took his cat to the vets where he was told the cat had asthma.

Don Julio is a 12-year-old short haired grey feline and thankfully now his breathing has improved, he only requires the inhaler once or twice a week.

However, Jeffrey has to be very patient to get Don Julio to use the inhaler which he hates having on his face.

Although the inhaler is to help his breathing, Jeffrey finds his cat’s refusal to use it amusing and admits that it shows his strong character.

Jeffrey said: “He developed asthma as he aged. He was doing really badly at first but after a few treatments of steroid shots and the inhaler he became well.

“Although he has asthma, we thought it was funny because Don Julio is a very interesting cat.

“He has a personality that pops out with his actions. It was like a passive aggressive battle back and forth.

“The video definitely displays his character. Don Julio is one of a kind, a very smart cat.”