Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto, Randal Coombs and Jessica Testa


With most of the world still in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, many public places have been closed to the public for a while.

Unfortunately, not everyone has understood why their regular hangouts are off limits.

Luis Chacón, 33, captured the heartbreaking moment his three-year-old dog realised that they couldn’t go for a walk in Federico Garcia Lorca Park on March 16 in Granada, Spain.

The confused pup began to cry in distress.

Luis said: “We would usually go to the park every two days, but it’s not possible to go to the park yet since it’s still closed.”

Luckily, the adorable dog has still been getting his regular exercise, despite the restrictions.

“These quarantine days, we walk around the city instead of going to the park, also because we are not supposed to get far from home.”