Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A nurse recorded the hilarious moment she came to the realisation that she wouldn’t be able to use her unwanted bras as makeshift face masks, as the cup covered her entire head.

Teresa Dranger, 43, works as a nurse in Collins, New York, and like many medical facilities across the globe, Teresa and her colleagues have had to deal with major issues, such as shortages of supplies, including face masks.

Deciding to see if she could replicate the viral trend of crafting her own makeshift face mask from her unwanted bras, Teresa recorded the funny result from her home on April 2.

Unfortunately for Teresa, her bra ended up being more of a face shield, than a face mask, as the cup size covered her entire head.

Teresa said: “I can’t believe the attention the video has gotten! So many people have messaged me from all over the world telling me how it brought sunshine to them in these dark times and took their mind away from the fear, even if it was just for a few minutes.

“As a nurse myself, I am dealing with the pandemic first-hand. You’ve got to laugh through the tears, or it’ll eat you up.”