Animals Video

By Jack Mobley


When this orphaned baby raccoon came into the care of Carla Hieber, she quickly realised that he was a softie for tickles and hugs.

Carla mothered the raccoon, named Karl, at home in Weinstadt, Germany for a three week period in 2017.

Karl quickly adopted Carla as his mother and was very soon comfortable playing with her, as shown in this cute clip.

Karl laid in Carla’s lap, accepting all the fuss but when Carla raises her hands, Karl copies her and stretches out his little hands and feet.

Carla said: “I had him for around 3 weeks. He was an orphaned wild raccoon and this was the time when he still needed to drink milk because he was so young.

“Of course I fell in love with him at first sight and since he was so young he accepted me as his replacement mother very fast and was snuggling and playing with me all day.

“I noticed that he would show the same reflexes as human baby’s or for example kittens, so we video taped it to show it to friends and family.”