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By Charlotte Nisbet


A young woman has spent over £26k on her pampered dogs lavish wardrobe – despite being left unable to buy any clothes for herself.

Amy Sullivan, 23, buys her pooch, Tallulah, at least eight handmade dresses per month, as well as handbags, jewellery and prams.

She spends in excess of £1100 of her monthly wages on her dog and says she would rather go without if it means Tallulah, now two,  can look paw-fect.

With a wardrobe full of doggy-designer dresses and two pieces, Amy says her own wardrobe is full of garments from bargain stores.

Due to spending most of her monthly wages on her pooch, the doting dog owner says she’s unable to spend much more than £20 per month on herself.

But Amy says she wouldn’t change her pampered pooch and that she loves nothing more than posing in her new outfits.

The dog groomer added: “Tallulah is treated to an average of two dresses per week which cost £50 each.

“That’s over £400 on dresses alone and that’s not on top of her accessories.

“I spent a fortune on her but she loves it and I can’t stop buying the bespoke dresses as they are just so cute.

“Once she has a new dress I always put her in it straight away and she starts posing for the camera.

“We enter competitions whenever we can, normally it’s two every weekend which costs £50 per event.

“It’s no surprise that I’m heading to spending almost £30k on her.”

Amy says she’s forced to shop at local bargain supermarkets for her clothes after spending the majority of her wages on Tallulah.

She added: “I’m happy to buy clothes twice a year for myself and they are never branded.

“I probably spend no more than £20 per month on myself.

“I currently live at home with my parents and I’d have to curb my spending habits on Tallulah if I were to save any money for a deposit.”

Amy claims that despite having 10 family dogs that Tallulah is the only spoilt one.

She added: “Tallulah loves wearing different outfits every day, she is the happiest when in one of her pink frilly dresses.

“My favourite dress is one that is covered in baby pink bows, diamantes and frills.

“The most I’ve spent on one dress is £100 but that’s normally when we are entering competitions for ‘best dressed’ dog.

“She loves the camera and I can tell she’s already really missing the limelight the shows give her.

“While we are on lockdown I have just been giving her mini photoshoots so she can practise her posing.”

If her lavish wardrobe isn’t enough Amy has just spent another £280 on a pram for Tallulah.

She said: “Unlike most other dogs she doesn’t always want to go for walks.

“She likes the fresh air but being in the comfort of her pram she gets to enjoy the best of both.

“Tallulah definitely thinks she’s above all the other dogs we have in our household which I find hilarious.

“I have spent a small fortune in the past two years on her so it’s no wonder she’s a sassy diva.”




HANDMADE DESIGNER CLOTHES [dresses, two pieces]- £550


ACCESSORIES [bags, hair jewels, designer collars / leads] – £200






TOTAL – £1100