Animals Video

By Jessica Testa


The Saint Louis Zoo has captured the adorable moment a group of Humboldt penguins gathered together for their monthly weigh-in.

Taking place at the end of March at Saint Louis Zoo in Missouri following their closure to the general public due to coronavirus fears, the Zoo decided to post the video on social media so animal lovers had something fun and positive to enjoy during this tough time.

As the first penguin, who is named Pedro, steps onto the scales, he shows his enthusiasm for one of his favourite bird keepers KC Donaldson by calling to her.

According to Saint Louis Zoo: “Through positive reinforcement training the penguins are able to participate in their own health care.”

The rest of the group soon gather around, jumping onto the scales with excitement.

The rest of the penguins are named Chirrida, Mona, Fernando, Guapo, and Marco.

“Bird keepers routinely weigh the penguins to monitor their health. The birds are accustomed to the scale and some are a little ambitious about being weighed.”

“While the Saint Louis Zoo is operating under unusual circumstances and with limited staff, our first priority remains the same: the care and well-being of our animals is paramount.”

“The animals are doing well and will continue to receive dedicated and professional care by the animal care team.”