By Dan Coles


An adorable dog who was SACKED from the police force for being too friendly and then luckily taken on by a governor as the state dog is thriving in his social role.

Four-year-old police dog in training, Gavel, didn’t make the final cut for Queensland Police Service (QPS) in Australia because of his overly sociable temperament.

But luckily for the cheeky canine, he was offered a new role, welcoming visitors to Brisbane’s Government House as Governor Paul de Jersey’s official Vice-Regal Dog.

The German Sheppard today marks his 4th year with Governor Paul de Jersey and has swiftly become the state’s most loved, and professional pooch after a solid 4-year term at the state’s government house.

A spokesman for Queensland Government House said: “Gavel arrived at Government House in April 2016 as a six-week-old puppy.

“Over the past four years, Gavel has proven to be a popular figure at Government House and a source of inspiration for the people of Queensland.

“He has welcomed over 50,000 Queenslanders to Government House, including many school children, and attended hundreds of official receptions and ceremonies in his official coat.

“It was intended that he would undergo a training and socialisation programme preparing to become a member of the Queensland Police Service Dog Squad.

“But like many aspiring QPS Dogs, Gavel did not display the necessary aptitude for a life on the front line.

“Not all dogs display this, and Gavel proved himself to be quite sociable.

“He is better suited to life as a ceremonial dog and he now spends his working days at Fernberg, where he has become a much-loved part of Government House life.

“Although Gavel didn’t possess what was needed to be a police dog, he’s very social and great with people, so the role is in now is perfect and he’s been an exceptionally good boy for the last four years.

“Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 disruption, Gavel, Vice-Regal Dog will not celebrate his four-year anniversary with pats from the public. He will, however, receive a small treat, while practicing social distancing.”

Without a place in the Dog Squad, Gavel was out of work until Governor Paul de Jersey created the government role of vice-regal dog and handed it to Gavel who has stayed at Government house ever since.

A spokesman for Queensland Government House said: “His primary duties, which he continues to fulfil, include greeting members of the public who visit Government House in their thousands, leading tours and attending formal ceremonies.

“He has an official uniform and ceremonial coat, four of which he has outgrown over the years – which bears the of the State of Queensland he so proudly serves, including the Crown, the brolga and the Queensland Badge.

In 2016, Gavel was officially presented to His Excellency the Governor of Queensland, the Honourable Paul de Jersey and wife Kaye de Jersey, in his capacity as vice-regal dog.

“While people cannot visit Government House at the moment, due to coronavirus, Gavel is still connecting with people especially via social media. He is very much looking forward to more pats, and an increased frequency of treats, when COVID-19 restrictions ease.

“Gavel has proven to us all that sometimes you need to fail before you can succeed, and that there are multiple pathways to success.”