Amazing Video

By Joe McFarlane


With the recent pandemic causing tourists to avoid hotspots, one avid skier used the unprecedented situation to his advantage by skiing through a deserted Belgium town.

With more people hitting the couch rather than the slopes, tourist hotspots and popular towns and cities across Europe have seen a massive drop-off with visitor numbers, including the town of Leuven, Belgium.

But instead of lamenting about the loss of busy crowds and bustling streets, Sebastiaan Haven, 20, decided to take his skis for a spin around town.

Zooming around the deserted streets with help of a winch, Sebastiaan enjoyed a unique, and private, day skiing on his very own concrete slopes.

Sebastiaan said: “Skiing without snow was very unique. It was also funny because we were the first to ever ski in our own city.

“Overall the skiing on land went very smooth. Skiing on grass went very well but on the road there was more friction and it was more difficult to turn.”