Life Video

By Randal Coombs


These bored and tired siblings have exhausted all their fun activities and have resorted to spinning on their hover boards continuously.

Ted Scearcy captured the depressive duo in their front room in Cohasset, Minnesota after bad weather and boredom hit.

Eli and Olivia, eight and six-years-old, resorted to using their hoverboards indoors by sitting on one foot hold and allowing the other wheel to propel them in a circular motion.

The pair end up with the heads hanging low and spinning endlessly in an attempt to stay amused.

Ted said: “Bored kids – bad weather day means finding new ways to use their hoverboards inside.

“They kept this up for at least an hour playing music and admitted they got very dizzy but were giggling the whole time.

“They’re just finding ways to pass the time in the northwoods before all the snow melts.”