Amazing Life Video

By Alyce Collins


This teenage tennis star can’t get out onto the courts to play at the moment, but he’s instead been able to practice his unbelievable trick shots.

Diego De Cooman, 15, from Grez-doiceau, Belgium, started playing tennis when he was just seven years old and has developed his skills over the years.

A couple of years ago, Diego started trying out trick shots with his racquet and has tried many impressive shots since.

However, the recent lockdown has helped him to try out even more amazing tricks with the help of his younger brother, 14-year-old Antoine.

Diego said: “I started tennis freestyle and tennis trick shots two years ago.

“The most difficult trick shot I have made is the last bottle flip.

“To learn a new trick shot, it really depends. Sometimes it takes me hours and sometimes I get there easily.

“The trick shot which took me the most time took more than five hours.”