Life Video

By Jack Mobley


As self-isolation measures continue, people are finding new and creative ways to amuse themselves such as this Dutch couple showing off their unicycling skills to paint a room.

The acrobatic duo, Jasmijn Rubingh and Tobit van Vliet are used to playing in front of thousands at worldwide events and galas but are unfortunately confined to their home in Wildervank.

Now left with time to renovate their house, they found it fun to incorporate their routine into the work by stacking on top of a unicycle.

Tobit had the important role of riding the unicycle and holding the paint tray while Jasmijn sat on his shoulders to paint the ceiling.

The extra height means that Jasmijn can easily reach the harder to paint spots, and with Tobit holding the tray, easy access to the paint.

Jasmijn said: “A friend of ours who we talked to about renovating our house, said he had this funny picture in his head of us painting the ceiling while being on our unicycle, but that he thought that was not really do-able.

“To be honest, I mostly thought to myself, “How am I not gonna get paint all over my partner?”

“We made this video, as an ironic joke of how to use our acrobatic skills in a new way to still be able to generate an income.”