Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane, Federico Cornetto and Randal Coombs


This Texas man has fulfilled his childhood dream by building the ultimate secret fort in his attic, complete with a network of hidden tunnels and a huge ball pit.

Entering through an air vent in his closet, bank worker Blake Weaver, 35, takes viewers through the space and explains how he made it.

He said: “I never had a treehouse and when I grew up I could afford to build one.”

“The house I purchased didn’t have much of a yard, so during my vacation from work, I decided to start building one in the attic.”

Blake explains that it took him overall three months to build the entry space, the main room and the exit.

The ballpit is the part that he is most proud of, which includes 35,000 balls and foam around the edges for safety.

While the fort has already hosted many of his friends, Blake said it is still a “work in progress”.

“The end goal is to turn it into a tunnel maze and expand to all areas of the house.”