Animals Video

By Randal Coombs


A woman used a hose to help an adorable raccoon wash his paws in a bucket.

In January 2020, Ashley Raine from the Jaguar Rescue Center, in Costa Rica, captured the amazing scene as she helped rescue raccoon Farah cleaning his front paws.

Farah leaned inside a bucket full of water and rubbed his hands as Ashley directed a jet of water towards them.

The video has recently been uploaded on social by the Jaguar Rescue Center, with the caption: “This little guy wanted to remind you to wash your hands for 20-30 seconds!”

Spokesperson from Jaguar Rescue Center, Joan Garolera said: “Every time raccoons are around water, they want to play with it.

“So we often fill up something with water and leave it for them in their installations.

“In this case, he was around when we were filling it and started rubbing his hands in the water.

“Raccoons have five times more receptors to detect touch in their hands than any other mammal.”