Animals Video

By Neo Bye


These cats get along for the most part but sibling rivalries are unavoidable and this cat owner recently found himself telling them off like children.

Production manager Lauren Junda, 30, from Nutley, New Jersey, watched on as her husband Craig was forced to tell the couple’s cats off as they squabbled.

The couple have three cats, each rescued from animal shelters. The cat sitting comfortably in the hanging bridge is the youngest, Rosie. Then the troublemaker who interrupts her snooze is two-year-old Brody.

Meanwhile, the oldest of the pack, Edgar watches on ruefully.

Brody often tries to move Rosie if she dares sit in his spot, forcing Craig to stand in like a protective parent.

Lauren said: “The bridge is Brody’s spot and any time Rosie is up there he does his best to chase her out.

“It shed a humorous light on my husband’s paternal instincts.

“The video has been well received. A lot of the comments are ‘same’, or ‘that’s me with my cat’.

“I think the fact that he speaks to them like they’re children brings laughter too.”