Animals Video

By William Lailey


These chicks are ready for Easter as they sport matching colourful cupcake skirts.

Jennifer Doyle, 36, decided to dress her chicks in cupcake cases after trying to re-create a picture she saw on social media a few years ago showing a duckling wearing a cupcake skirt.

Jennifer, from Bethlehem, US, put a cupcake skirt on one of the chicks and posted the adorable result to Facebook where people were begging her to take a picture of all the chicks wearing different cupcake skirts.

The mum-of-two works as a teacher and was looking after eight chicks as part of a hatching experience for her students.

She decided to dress all eight chicks in different cupcake cases and she posted the adorable snap to her Facebook, with people sharing it more than 100 thousand times.

Her children Shayla Shive, 11, and Mason Shive, 8, have helped their Mum to hatch the chicks and couldn’t wait to show the adorable photos to all of their friends.

Jennifer said: “I remember seeing a picture of a duckling in a cupcake skirt years ago and a friend encouraged me to do it! I put a skirt on one chick and posted two pictures on Facebook and people loved it so much that I decided to put a skirt on all eight chicks for the cuteness! Luckily, I had exactly eight different cupcake wrappers so none of the chicks had to wear the same skirt!

“After I posted several pictures, friends on Facebook were saying that they needed to see video so I did it again the next day just so I take get some video of them walking around and it was cuteness overload!

“These chicks were part of a hatching experience from Quiver Farm Projects. Watching each one hatch has been amazing. There were 12 eggs and 8 of them hatched.

“I watch the video several times a day and it makes me smile every time”.