Animals Video

By Jessica Testa


This cheeky ferret decided to steal his owner’s selfie stick and take it to a secret hiding place, while accidentally filming himself the whole time.

Assistant Professor of Practice at University of Nebraska-Lincoln for the School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Amy Walton, 35, had put her selfie stick on the kitchen table so it would be out of 11-month-old Crash’s reach.

Or so she thought.

She said: “We watched him crawl up a jacket that was draped over a chair and he got on top of the kitchen table.”

Crash pulled the selfie stick through the house to reach his secret hiding place under the guest bed in Amy and her partner Jim Dager’s Nebraska home.

This hilarious act came after Amy started hiding Jim’s shoes from Crash, which he was originally obsessed with stealing.

Amy said she now keeps her selfie stick in a drawer that Crash can’t open.

“It wasn’t too hard to notice him take it since he made so much noise and chaos getting it off the table!”

“We laughed so hard, then we figured this would come in handy if he ever took things and we weren’t sure where he took them.”

“He changes up his stash spots occasionally.”