Offbeat Video

This eerie clip sees a ‘ghostly figure’ carrying a lamp walk on a suburban street.

After hearing a noise on her road in Cambridgeshire, Rachel Jones checked her security camera to find a translucent being holding a light on the night of March 26.

The entity walked down the driveway and along the pavement in what is certainly a spooky clip.

Rachel had no idea what it could be, but the figure seemed other-worldly.

Rachel said: “I was at home sitting on my bed and I heard a noise outside so I quickly picked up my phone and turned the camera on and was shocked by what appeared.

“I believe I can see a ghostly figure come out of the window with a light and then it walks down the path and past the car.

“I was completely astonished when I saw the recording that it picked up what I saw, I was in disbelief.

“I have watched it so many times and can’t come up with any explanation.”