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By Alyce Collins


Schools might be closed but that didn’t stop these four siblings spending days on a school project to build a working Rube Goldberg Machine.

Danica Francom, 37, a stay at home mum from Farr West, Utah, was happy to help her eldest daughter, Belle, 12, put together a functioning Rube Goldberg Machine as part of a school assignment.

Belle, with the help of her three younger siblings, Aliyah, 10, Ruby, 8, and Conley, 4, planned out her marble run for three days before spending a day putting it together.

It took another day after that to tweak any problems and to get it fully functioning.

Once Belle set the ball off from the top of the track, the ball followed a narrow track downstairs, went through a tunnel and knocked down dominoes before landing on a pendulum which swung to send a bag of cookies back upstairs to Belle.

Danica said: “The requirement was to make an overly complicated machine that did something at the end.

“We brainstormed ideas for three days before we started to build it.

“It took one day to build and then another day to make it work.

“The task our track completed was to bring cookies upstairs without going downstairs.”