Animals Video

By Jessica Testa


This dog owner decided to use his time in lockdown to teach his dog some tricks by playing a game of tic tac toe.

Youth pastor Andy Imbimbo, 31, from Union, New Jersey decided to play a game with his mini goldendoodle dog, Dundie.

Initially, Andy and his wife stacked up toilet rolls for Dundie to leap over as a hurdle. Once he accomplished that, they needed to really put his skills to the test.

By laying out one treat in every square of the tic tac toe grid, Andy challenged Dundie to a game. Unfortunately, what he wasn’t expecting was for Dundie to win.

Andy said: “We were stuck in quarantine in our house due to Coronavirus.

“We decided to have some fun and play games with our puppy. We came up with the idea on the spot.

“My wife took out toilet paper and stacked it up as a barricade for the dog to jump over. I then had the idea to use treats to play tic tac toe.

“Dundie loves that we are home! He gets long walks and lots of attention so I am sure he will be sad when we have to go back to our normal schedules.”