Life Video

By Jack Mobley


This resident of East Kilbride captured some of the funnier moments during this DJ’s set on March 29.

David Edwards watched from his balcony as DJ Graham Collie and his wife took to their front drive and played all of the classic tunes.

Graham played hits such as Dancing In The Street and Sweet Caroline, while passersby danced along themselves.

Graham’s wife also danced along to keep the  mood going, in an attempt to raise people’s spirits during the period of social distancing.

David said: “I heard it from my window, I then went out onto the balcony to watch from there.

“I was confused at first when i heard it from my room, but it was quite fun and lifted the spirits of my household and others.

“There was a good few passerby’s who stopped for a short while to dance, sing along or just watch.

“There were also other neighbours who were out dancing on the balconies and hitting spoons off pots to join in.”