Life Video

By Jessica Testa


This dad and his daughter have created a hilarious montage of different beard styles as he carries on the tradition of shaving his beard for her birthday.


Environmental Science student Amber Holmes, 19, said her dad Jake, 41, shaves his beard every year on her birthday as a gift to her because she always hated how long and unkempt he kept it during the Winter months. 


But this year, she decided it would be a good idea for him to do something a little different. 


She said: “I thought it’d be a funny little montage to make just to send around to our family, but obviously a lot more people than just our family enjoyed it!”


So, on March 29th at their family friend’s home in Pennsylvania, they spent close to two hours shooting and editing the montage, naming the different beard styles along the way.    


Amber said Tiger King was her personal favourite.


“He just looked too much like Joe Exotic!”


Amber and Jake’s montage of crazy beard styles could definitely inspire others who are looking for a fun new way to beat the quarantine blues.


“We just came up with funny styles based on what made sense with the progression of him shaving his beard.”


“My family and I were bent over laughing every time he would come around the corner in the bathroom with a new beard style.”