Animals Video

By Neo Bye


A moody puss has been captured attacking its owner’s headphones in a hilarious video.

Taken by Leandra Lynn, 32, at her home in Washington DC, USA, the video shows her seven-year-old cat Pumpkin as she does her best to dislodge her headphones while she works from home.

Leandra says that Pumpkin and her other cat Turnip have been making her life nothing but a nuisance as she works from home and takes work video calls during the coronavirus lockdown.

She said: “I love my cats and tolerate a lot of their nonsense.

“As soon as Pumpkin jumped on my lap while I was working, I knew that she was about to do something incredibly goofy and probably at least a little irritating.

“I hoped to get video evidence of her antics to share with the rest of my office, as we are all quarantined due to COVID-19.