Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


A pet cat enjoyed their bath-time a little too much as their owner posted her shocked reaction to bizarre viral video.

As Madison Pfaff, 19, bathed Meg the eight-year-old Bombay cat in her home in Vancouver WA, Madison realised that as she was scrubbing, Meg began having an extreme, and pleasurable, reaction.

Though Madison stopped what she was doing in shock, the base of Meg’s tail had clearly been over-stimulated, as the cat continued to shake all over in what can only be described as an orgasmic ecstasy.

Madison said: “I was just trying to bathe my cat because she smelt awful and had lots of flaky skin.

“I was just scratching her back because of the funny noise she made and then she ended up doing something nasty.

“It was random and out of the blue. I was shocked and disgusted.

“She’s perfectly fine now and she won’t leave me alone now, which is gross.”