Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A dad spent days piecing together the puzzle – only to have his son smash the jigsaw into pieces the moment he finished.

Kevin Beem, 49, from Birmingham, Michigan, seems ecstatic to have completed the 2000 piece puzzle, which took him over 30 hours – only to have son Bryant Beem, 21, tear it apart in a split second.

Bryant’s girlfriend, Mikayla Frick caught the entire thing on camera – including the dad’s knee jerk reaction on March 29.

Mikayla said: “It was family bonding time at its finest.

“They’d been in quarantine together for days and were bored.

“Kevin brought out the 2000 piece puzzle out of boredom, and it took him days to complete on the kitchen table.

“He’d been complaining that he had completed this puzzle before and it was just as much of a pain in the bum to take it apart as it was to put it together because you had to take apart each piece to put into the box.

” So Bryant came up with a funny way to make taking it apart easier and less time, by slamming in into the wall!

“Kevin swore and seemed at a loss of words before he eventually started laughing with me.”